Interview of Alain Jund – Inauguration of the Waldhorn Residence

Thursday, October 25, the inauguration of the Waldhorn residence in the eco-district of the Cronenbourg Brewery.

This residence has an innovative renewable energy production technology: a geothermal boiler on the Rhine water table, combined with heat recovery on extract air and greywater that allows savings in heating and water consumption. hot.

The project is labeled “Positive Energy & Low Carbon Building”!



During this inauguration, we were able to ask some questions to the Deputy Mayor in charge of urban planning Mr. Alain Jund :


Today we are opening the Waldhorn residence in the eco-district, it’s a success, and you’re a big part of it … What was your role in this project?


Alain Jund: As Deputy Mayor in charge of urban planning my role has been to develop this neighborhood and its content, that is to say an exemplary neighborhood in terms of energy, focused on biodiversity issues, the use of public spaces, and also a neighborhood that allows us to meet the challenges of tomorrow on climate, and energy savings

The Waldhorn project is unique and the only one in France to date. We have every interest in developing this type of housing because they are common sense projects that make it possible both to save on the bills of future residents and to become more independent in terms of energy. This virtuous circle allows the reuse of the energies produced so as not to lose anything.


Following the visit, what did you like the most about this project?


Alain Jund: What impressed me is the technical investments put in place, which will be managed by an after-sales service for the management and maintenance of this infrastructure. What I hope is that from this example, there are other projects of this type that can proliferate in the future.


It is in this sense that you imagine housing in 5 years?


Alain Jund: Even beyond that, because the fact of being able to reuse the hot water of the showers, the washing machine and the hot air will allow a sober use of the energy. This is good for the inhabitants, for the planet and also for the neighborhood.