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9 good reasons to buy a new apartment!

Do you doubt the benefits of buying a new housing
in a recently completed program or an “on-plan” apartment”, do not hesitate anymore

Technical performance and comfort

Improved energy performance of new buildings (RT 2012) brings a high level of comfort thanks to a better designed and insulated housing. It helps to reduce your energy consumption. New constructions meet increasing technical requirements (fire safety, acoustics…) and comfort (lifts, optical fiber,…)

The VAT rate

The VAT rate for the sale of new housing is currently 20%. However, when the acquisition concerns a housing located in the priority neighborhoods of the city, the VAT rate is reduced to 5.5% (subject to the ceiling of resources).

Constructors’ technical warranties

You benefit from the warranty against hidden defects and from the two-years proper operation warranty for apartment’s equipment and common areas (e.g. parking door, rolling shutters etc). You benefit also from the 10-years warranty that covers all the disorder affecting the stability and integrity of the building.

Property tax exemption

New constructions are exempt from property taxe the 2 years following their completion.

Notary fees reduced

They correspond to 2-3% of the price of new property against 7-8% for an old property.

Completed housing warranty

This warranty ensures a facility or project will achieve final completion in case of default of the real estate developer during the construction of the building.

Changes in design of your property

Buying a new housing means purchasing a property that can be adapted to your needs when the regulations allow it (internal partitions, number and location of plugs …)


Residential buildings and their surroundings are designed and adapted in order to be accessible to seniors and persons with disabilities, regardless of their disability.

Tax and / or financial benefits

If you occupy the housing, you can apply for zero interest loan. If you intend to rent it, you can benefit from the “Pinel” tax reduction.