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  • 12 Nov
    Presence of the Boulle Group at IBSEvent in Paris

    Goodbye Home Automation, Hello Smart Apartment!   On Wednesday, November 7th, we attended the 9th edition of the “Intelligent Building Systems” event in Paris. This edition is part of a process of reflection on the positioning of buildings, in order to become places of services......

  • 02 Nov
    News about La Co-Conception

    After obtaining the building permit this summer, it is now purged of all recourses. First building from La Co-Conception Immobilière, this beautiful adventure of housing 2.0 began in 2017 with the design of 17 apartments in the heart of the eco-district of the ZAC Danube......

  • 26 Oct
    Interview of Alain Jund – Inauguration of the Waldhorn Residence

    Thursday, October 25, the inauguration of the Waldhorn residence in the eco-district of the Cronenbourg Brewery. This residence has an innovative renewable energy production technology: a geothermal boiler on the Rhine water table, combined with heat recovery on extract air and greywater that allows savings......