Presence of the Boulle Group at IBSEvent in Paris

Goodbye Home Automation, Hello Smart Apartment!


On Wednesday, November 7th, we attended the 9th edition of the “Intelligent Building Systems” event in Paris.
This edition is part of a process of reflection on the positioning of buildings, in order to become places of services for their occupants.

Conciergerie, security, automation, anticipation of needs throughout life, are all themes that we have been able to address in order to identify the levers for improving our housing.


We identified 4 :



Many exhibitors offered security equipment for housing:
Connected locks
Fire alarms connected, can even open the doors in case of fire
Smart floor, able to detect falls or liquids



What if our home could independently learn our habits?

For example, understand that I turn on the heater from 6am to 7am in the morning, to have a pleasant temperature out of the shower.
Or know that at night all electronic equipment must be turned off because not used.
The light switches may even be obsolete, because each room could determine whether or not to turn on the light depending on the brightness and occupants.

Beyond the concepts specific to each apartment, we can now monitor and predict technical failures at the building level.
Whether in collective boiler rooms, water networks, ventilation networks, automation … there are many applications.



A single person who buys a home, then gets married, has one or more children, changes his habits throughout his life.
Why not integrate movable partitions to reorganize rooms, or even quickly create a new one without having to do big jobs?
Generally, the users are much more creative than the builders, it is time to give them the means to give free rein to their imagination!



Home automation has been around for 20 years, with the initial goal of saving money and therefore consuming less energy.
The paradigm is changing, because in parallel with a more rational consumption, we have the possibility to produce energy in each building, even to recover energy, for example in gray water.
Although pioneering in positive energy buildings (see, the Boulle Group continues to improve to produce more virtuous buildings.


And you, how do you see your next home?