News about La Co-Conception

After obtaining the building permit this summer, it is now purged of all recourses.

First building from La Co-Conception Immobilière, this beautiful adventure of housing 2.0 began in 2017 with the design of 17 apartments in the heart of the eco-district of the ZAC Danube in Strasbourg. The name of the residence: Future Composed !

Commitment of the Co-Designers

Today, the phase of Co-Conception is completed, the purchasers sign their reservation contract and commit individually for the acquisition of their apartment. The remaining apartments will be offered for sale.

The synergy of ideas has led to a project designed by and for its future users, we see it well, especially thanks to the presence of shared spaces such as a roof terrace with shared gardens and a workshop. DIY.

Work will start at the end of 2018! The architectural firm Urbanetic and its director Carine Jund will be in charge of the realization of the work until its delivery.


What is La Co-Conception Immobilière ®?

La Co-Conception Immobilière is this collaborative project in which the prospective buyers participate in each step of the design and realization of their future housing!

Our proposal is made before the building permit is filed and precedes a classic and secure Sale in the State Future Completion (VEFA) contract.

Our configuration tool allows more flexibility and reduces physical meetings at regular hours.